It is with great sadness that the Railway Convalescent Homes have to announce that its last property, Bridge House, Dawlish, Devon is now closed.

Founded as a charity for beneficiaries of the Railway and Transport Industry, for over a century Bridge House, the flagship, has been primarily caring for those needing Convalescence or Recuperative breaks in their times of need.

However a steady decline in volume, over the last ten years, and the impact of the Covid-19 virus still prevalent, has been a stretch too far and it is no longer viable for the Charity to continue to operate in its traditional manner.

The Trustees, all with railway backgrounds, are now considering how to redefine the Charity to accommodate changing care needs and continue as such for our Railway and Transport beneficiaries.

To the many who have visited and experienced the exceptional high level of hospitality afforded at Bridge House and left with high accolades for its Management and staff, and made regular return visits, a big thank you from us all.

The friendships that have developed will leave many happy memories and this must include the local Dawlish Community for their support on many occasions.

RCH will make known in a later release, positive news as forward plans are defined for the future of the Charity.

Mr C C Mills
Chairman of the board of Trustees